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  • What equipment do I need to use Putt Profile?
    - an iPhone or iPad, iOS 13 or above - a tripod and a device holder for iPhone or iPod - optionally, a bluetooth controller
  • How can I ask more indepth questions?
    Please write to us at
  • I am getting false detections. How can I stop them?
    False detections are caused by random movement in detection zone (camera capture zone). There are 2 keys to stop them: 1) always stay out of detection zone 2) make sure no movements, such as shadow movements, are observed in detection zone When you need to retrieve the balls, move inside the detection zone quickly and completely. This will trigger an "excessive movement" detection pause. Now you can retrieve the balls freely and once you leave detection zone, detection will start again.
  • I am putting from a distance. How do I know detection status?
    Putt Profile uses (1) voice and (2) flash light to communicate with you while you focus on putting! 1) Putt Profile gives voice instructions, such as "Next up Player 1", "Hole! 4 points" to let you know detection status. Make sure volume is turned up (use the slider on screen rather than physical volume button) so you can hear. 2) Flash light is also an indicator of detection status. Flash on - detection in progress, Single blink - ball detected, Double blink - ball holed.
  • How to delete a record in "Statistics" or in "Scores"?"
    Simply right-swipe on the record and confirm delete.
  • How does bluetooth controller work with Putt Profile?
    It acts as a remote-control button "Play/Pause" in Game or Training mode. So you can remotely start or pause a game with the bluetooth controller.
  • How does Putt Profile app relate to Swing Profile app?
    1) Swing Profile uses AI to analyze golf swings; Putt Profile uses AI to analyze putt trajectories. 2) They are both invented by Dr Zeke Chan 3) If you haven't already tried Swing Profile app, please visit to see how it works.
  • What happens when the ball collides with other balls already there?
    When the putt hits other balls so that multiple balls move at the same time, the tracking result can become unpredictable and should be avoided. If existing balls get in the way of the next putt, player should consider retrieving them before starting the next putt.
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