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Putt Profile

Golf Putt Analyzer for both Putt Training and Family Fun

Bring putt training and game into your living room!  Putt Profile tracks every putt and reveals vital statistics such as aiming direction, power and curvature, and highlights areas to improve on.  Now you can improve your putting, or enjoy a friendly game with your family, at the luxury of your own home, all year round.

Track Every Putt

Advanced AI (patent-pending) tracks the trajectory of every putt you make, on home carpet or golf green.

Golf Putt Training

How consistent is your putting?

Putt Profile calculates vital statistics about your putts such as:

  • aiming direction

  • power

  • curvature

and reveals key area of weakness so you can focus your training effort on. 


Putting Game for the Whole Family

Time to share golf with the family - all in your living room!

Take turn putting in a friendly competition - putts closest to the hole win!  Prove yourself to be the best putter!

Created by the Inventor of Swing Profile Golf Analyzer

2012 PGA Merchandise Show "Best Overall Product"


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